Vicentian Values

All actions done at school, from the welcoming at P -3 to the farewell at 4th ESO , through tuiton , assistance for families ... are designed to promote a way of educating in the Vincentian values. We educate our students to be critic, sensitive to others, social committed and involved in improving their immediate environment and the world in which they live, responsible for their actions , and especially, loving LIFE.

We do this through:

Service-Learning Project : Students in 3rd and 4th ESO  have this subject which is an educational approach that combines the processes of learning and community service in a single project with two objectives :

- Work with a real purpose of the curriculum contents.

- To provide a real service that meets the needs of the educational community and / or neighborhood .

To this end, students are volunteers weekly in the Emmaus social canteen of the Parishes of Pilar and of St. Eugene Pope I, and in St. Daniel’s senior Residence, and in the school, projects like helping younger students to learn how to read, storytelling, preparing games and conversation in Catalan, etc ...

Aid projects : In partnership with the NGO COVIDEC, our students participate in various projects to be engaged and active against the problems of the Third World.

- Charity projects for the improvement and implementation of projects in Honduras and Guatemala.

- Specific campaigns in response to natural disasters ( Help Haiti, Indonesia Tsunami ... )

- Fair charity book sale : At Saint George’s festivity our students sell books to sponsor children in San Pedro Sula (Honduras)

- Domund Campaign: Collaboration and awareness with the Third World

The Kilo Campaign: Every year around Christmas the school organizes collects food among all the families of the centre. This food is given to needy families in the neighborhood.

Value of the Year: Every year we work a particular value in all schools belonging to our Foundation . Values such as self-esteem , solidarity , sensitivity ... become a transversal axis of our education.

Tutorials: promoting activities , thoughts ... designed to complement the students' personal development .

School Environment : We know that values may not be explained but experienced . We put special attention to make values be meaningful in our students’ daily life at school. We take care of the small details that conform our lifestyle.

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