Primary Education

PRIMARY EDUCATION (from 6 to 12 years old)

We find us in the second big school stage where is key to endow our students of the basic competences and the tools needed for success at the Secondary Education (ESO).
The teachers work because our students develop the personal capacities and the social skills that will help them to know and live the values, to have a good relation between equal, to develop the capacity of effort, the creativity, the autonomy and the entrepreneurship.
The strategies that we use to accompany our students in this second school stage are:

The vehicular languages of the centre are: Catalan, English and Spanish.

The methodology AICLE:  Art and Science in English

The work in flexible groups helps us to respect  the different rhythms of learning.
• The personal tuition
for each student and each family.
• Learn, teach and evaluate for competences.

Certified Evaluation: our students obtain the best results in the external evaluations  (test of 6th course , Cambridge ESOL,…)

• Promote habits and study techniques to help the students to be more autonomous and more responsible.
• The work for projects to pomote the intention, the cooperative work, the research and the critical spirit.
• The use of the new technologies creating new models of education and of learning more attractive and pedagogical and adapted to the different rhythms of learning of each Student. Classrooms fully equipped with Smartboards.

The use of our Intranet by the students, teachers & families: This “virtual classroom” gives a wide range of resources and facilitates to parents  who can follow  the activities carried out at school daily.

In addition to the physical profits,  sport allows us to develop the knowledge of oneself and  the other through teamwork. More than 20 after-school activities help us to attain this aim.
The excursions and “convivències” allow the knowledge of the surroundings and the work of vàlues