Our Podcast channel: the Safapodcasts

The school loudspeakers, during this school year, have had a more important role a part from cheering day entrances and endings and indicating class changes. Every Monday and Thursday, after the break, all students have enjoyed Safapodcasts.

And, what are they?

They are sound productions created by 2nd ESO students with the collaboration of Pre-primary and Primary students, whom produce the speech in each Podcast. Each grade has got a topic to cover and a specific tune both for starting and finishing it. Thanks to the Spreaker APP that everyone has already installed in their Ipad, 2nd ESO students have been in charge of writing all the scripts as well as being accurate and demanding throughout all the recording process, because the result, before being broadcasted, had to have the approval of the workshop responsibles.

This is why they have considered technical aspects related to sound, the relationship between them or the quality of each podcast, without forgetting about the content itself.

Afterwards, as we have already mentioned at the beginning, those recordings have been reproduced by the school loudspeakers, but there’s also a media-library that has been created to gather all of them, to have the possibility to listen to and download them anywhere and at any time.

The website where to find all the Podcasts is the following:


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