Innovation Projects

  • New learning environments

Within our educational project , committed by technological advances that help students progress in their learning and help them to become competent in the workplace .

Our classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards , projectors and computers. We have a computer lab in the Primary and Secondary Classroom because this subject  is done from P3 until 4th ESO , and in some courses in English ( Computer Science ) .

In Educació Infantil, our e- SAFA project is based on the introduction of tablets to personalise each child’s development with Catalan –English contents.

  • Plan to Enhance READING

Project recognized and promoted by the Department of Education of the Government of Generalitat de Catalunya that aims to improve the academic success of all students . It does so by promoting the systematic reading in all curriculum areas and subjects throughout the school to increase basic language and communication skills and developing reading habits of children and young people , not to mention that reading ability is based on many learning and a requirement to participate successfully in many areas of adult life .

In our school we are developing this plan which will last three years .

  • Methodology CLIL

Content Language Integrated Learning (in Spanish known as AICLE) is a current applied linguistics that advocates for school settings that there is a greater success in learning foreign languages when they use these languages to teach core subjects such as History or Science.

In our school we use CLIL in the subjects such as Arts, Science, Laboratory Practice , School of Entrepreneurship , Computer Science.