eTwinning project

In this corner you will find information about what is an eTwinning project and this year's project.

What is Etwinning?

It is an initiative that promotes school twinning and the development of collaborative projects through Internet between two or more centers in different European countries on any subject agreed by the participants.

The eTwinning initiative is part of the Erasmus + program.

What is an eTwinning project?

It is a collaborative work between two or more European schools on a previously agreed subject. The collaboration is carried out through a platform on the Internet and the use of other ICT tools.

Characteristics of an eTwinning project

 The eTwinning projects are characterized by three axes:

- European dimension: exchange of knowledge and experiences in another language (usually English).

- Use of ICT: use of forum, E-mail, video, blog, keynote, image files, etc ...

- Work in collaboration: joint work between teachers and students of the two or more schools. Some activities will be prepared by groups of Spanish students and students from other countries.

Our project eTwinning course 2017-2018

Description of the project in progress

Project title: A TASTE OF CULTURE

Twinning with: Four schools in Turkey and one in Germany.

Fevzi Çakmak Ortaokulu School, to Zile, Turkey.

School Fats Necip Fazil Kisakürek Anadolu Lisesi, a Fats, Turkey

Siran Fen Lisesi School, in Siran, Turkey

School, Imkb Belde Orta Okulu, to Merkez, Turkey.

Hilda-Gymnasium School, in Pforzheim, Germany

Duration: September 2017 - June 2018

Language of exchange: English


- Encourage and increase the knowledge of other cultures

- Share own cultures

- Improve linguistic and digital competence

Work methodology

- Presentation of the schools and home cities of the work teams

- Conducting online surveys

- Presentation of family traditions

- Places of interest in their own cities

- Typical gastronomy

- Cultural traditions

- National and religious holidays

Expected results and final product

-Prevent prejudices

-Cultural knowledge

-Improve linguistic and digital level


-A recipe book

-Confection of a book and a final video.