ERASMUS + projects

In this corner you will find information about the two Erasmus + K2 projects that are being carried out in our school. You can follow its evolution through the links included in each section.

"Entrepreneur & Volunteer Citizens"

It is a social entrepreneurship project in which primary and secondary students participate, the last ones are the priority group and through which their communicative and personal initiative and volunteering skills will be developed.

Our school is the coordinator of the project and will share the experience with Macedonia, Italy, Poland and Turkey. You can know more about these educational centers by clicking on the links of their websites:

- Gjorche Petrov (Macedonia):

- Pasquale Mattej Comprehensive Institute (Italy):

- Ovaören Ortaokulu (Turkey):

- Zespół Placówek Oswiatowych w Boronowie (Poland):

During the two years of the project, teachers and students of our center will have the opportunity to travel to the collaborating countries, share the practices carried out, learn about other traditions and cultures and improve their communication skills in the English language.

"Partnership for bilingual citizenship education"

We also collaborate in another Erasmus + K2, "Partnership for bilingual citizenship education", with Poland and Italy, in which primary and secondary students will participate in educational activities and practices for social, cultural and personal development. By the realization of the different activities and mobilities in the participating countries, learning will be encouraged to coexist in multicultural, global and interconnected societies.

This two-year project will also allow teachers to receive training related to the learning and teaching of the English language, expand resources and share good practices of CLIL methodology.

To learn more about the participating schools you can visit their websites:

- Smart School (Zamosc, Poland):

- Ottavia Circolo (Piacenza, Italy):

And to be informed about daily activities of the Erasmus + projects we invite you to follow our Twitter account @Safa_Erasmus